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Auto Exhaust Repair – Emission Servicing in Ajax & Pickering

In Ontario, emission test are required for vehicles 7 years or older and then every year thereafter. You need to receive a ‘pass’ or ‘conditional’ pass to renew your licence plate sticker.If you vehicle inspection is right around the corner. You have nothing to worry about if your car is running great. Check engine light goes on you need to come see Nino at Autoboyz.

Now what?

Here at Autoboyz Service Centre LTD, we know how frustrating and alarming it can be to have your check engine light turn on, especially if your vehicle has an upcoming inspection. If you are having trouble with your vehicle, remain calm and collected, you’ve come to the right place. Autoboyz Service Centre LTD has been providing the Durham and Toronto area with reliable and affordable auto & truck repair needs for over 20 years.

How do I know if there is problem with my exhaust system?

There are several signs that there may be something wrong with your auto exhaust system.

What is an exhaust system?

There are several signs that there may be something wrong with your auto exhaust system.

Are you in need of auto exhaust repairs? Are you in the Toronto area?

If you suspect that your vehicle’s exhaust system is affecting your vehicle’s performance, you need a reliable and qualified auto technician. Autoboyz Service Centre LTD has many years of experience and uses the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure that your vehicle is properly being serviced. Whether you are in need of minor exhaust system repairs or a complete exhaust system overhaul. Give Autoboyz a call to solve your issues, get you cleared to have you a PASS on your emissions test 905-686-8330

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